Andrew and I went out the saturday before Fay hit. Conditions where good to great but didn’t see a lot of fish, well at least not any big snappers or groupers. Vis ranged from 40- 100 feet. 8-12 knot winds out of the south west.

Saw lots of yellow jacks, mangrove snappers, triggers, prohibited permits and big schools of spade fish. I didn’t shoot anything. I kind bought into the Storm Fay hype and thought we might not have power for a minute, so I didn’t want a bunch of fillets in the my fridge with no power.

Andrew ended up shooting a decent yellowjack.

It’s weird, I know in my head the storm isn’t going to be a big deal but once you get out and start seeing people scrambling around like its the end of days, it gets into your subconscious. It was hard to enjoy the day because I kept thinking about the BS I needed to get done before the storm.