Went out yesterday, with Ted, it was a nice day about 8-12 knot winds from the south. The first spot we hit in front of Key West was green but you could still see 40 feet or so. It was weird this boat pretty much followed us out and stopped with us on the spot, and started fishing and SCUBA diving! I almost felt like telling them you should probably go with one or the other if you are trying to catch fish, but whatever. We picked up a mutton and a mangrove at the first spot, then we headed west.

Once we got west of Sand Key the water turned blue and the vis increased to about 70-80 feet on the reef. Tiny bit of chalkiness in the water but still sweet. Ted shot a small yj and was putting it in the boat when a big school of big yellow jacks swam through. I shot one probably around 15 pounds and it took off pulling me along, I gave it some play with the float line and yelled for Ted to get over where I was so he could shoot one of the swirling school. A nurse shark, not even a big one maybe 6 or 7 feet long, was on the jack but I honestly didn’t think much of it. Nurses attack my fish all the time, they usually just scratch them up unless the fish is practically dead and since this jack was going nuts I didn’t think the nurse would be able to do much. I was wrong, when the jack was banging its head on the bottom the nurse pounced and bit a fist sized chunk out of its head, which happened to be above where the spear was in the fish. So when I jerked the float line to pull the fish away from the nurse the spear tore out. So I quickly got one band loaded on the gun to get another shot in the wounded jack, but in those seconds a barracuda and the nurse where all over the jack. Then from out of nowhere this decent sized bull shark charged in like a freight train and just inhaled the jack. It didn’t even look like it chewed it. It was just there, and then not. Then bull shark was gone, just leaving a cloud of bits and blood. Its funny that shark might have been watching me in the distance the whole time, but didn’t even let me know it was there until there was a free meal. We moved to a new spot after that.

We hit a bunch of patches in 20-30 feet deep on the main reef. I often skip these spots because the vis is often not as good once you get away from the drop off, but yesterday it was awesome. We had to move around a lot because a lot of the spot just had schools of little fish and nothing to really shoot but we still found fish. I picked up a 20 inch to fork hogfish on one patch and decent sized mutton on another. Saw a bunch of big sea turtles , huge schools of yellowtails etc all the usual reef stuff. Shot some other small reef fish .

I finally got my Rabitech rigged perfect I think: two 28 inch 16mm bands shoots great. I had tried 30 inch as it was suggested to me by a couple people but it shot a bit high, at least to me. Shorten the bands dropped the shot to about perfect, and boy do those bands throw that 7.5 mm shaft.