Went out Sunday with Brad (keyskiller) we drifted most of the day in waters 40-60 feet. I got a cold or something and it is surprising how much a weaker swimmer you are when a little sick. The wind was 15-19 knots from the south east, current a about a knot or so headed west. Reef visibility was pretty weak around 20 at the drop off but just offshore there was blue water and the visibility jumped to 80 feet or so.

We saw two kingfish in 40+ range but blew the shots on both of them. Although the water was beautiful we didn’t see that many fish. Shot some ciro mackerel which tore off. I blew the shot on a large porgy in at about 50 feet.

Brad got a a small red and black on the way in on the main reef.

Went out Monday with Cal (njspearo) and Mike (pirate-diver) and the conditions kind of sucked. Winds from the South, south east at around 15 knots for most of the day. There was almost no current all day.

That huge thunder storm made the reef look like pea soup pretty much right up to the edge of the drop off. We hit the bar for a little bit the vis was a hazy 40 feet or so. Then we went back to the main reef. Visibility on the main reef was maybe 20-25 feet and it got worse as the day progressed

We shot some yellow jacks, hogfish, mangroves nothing that exciting. Both Cal and Mike saw multiple blacks but didn’t bag any, while frankly didn’t see any fish all day. Oh well, it can’t be good everyday