Woke up and checked the weather buoy and it said 3 knots of wind at Sand Key. So it was time to call in sick and head out on the water. Me and Catherine went we were out on the water by about 8:30 am.

The visibility on the reef in front of Key West was green maybe 25-30 feet tops. With really no horizontal visibility. There is something strange about green water, it actually looks clearer from the boat. We headed west and the water turned more blue and the visibility was about 35 feet. Lots of particles in suspension and bits of sargassum weed all over the place. We also hit the offshore bar, the visibility was around 50 feet there, but since the minimum depth is about 50 feet that wasn’t that great.

I kind of see now why some locals only go out in ideal conditions, after swimming in crystal clear 70 to pushing 100 feet of visibility 35 feet seems like a let down.

Fish where kind of scarce yesterday saw three legal black groupers and couldn’t close on any of them. We shot ciro mackerel, yellow jacks, mangrove snappers and hogfish. Catherine ended up shooting more fish then me , but mine where bigger.

We saw a black tip shark, which I thought might be a cobia at first in distance, its was cool to see but a cobia would have been better. Also saw a huge loggerhead turtle.

Next time we go out, we should take turns on the UW camera and gun. Although there wasn’t a ton of fish we could have got some cool UW pics yesterday.