Went out Saturday with my girl friend and non-spearing friend stayed pretty close to key west

wind was around 10-15 knots from the SE and visibility was 30-50 feet with lots a particles floating in the water, all free diving 15-40 fsw

Shot red grouper, mutton and a couple hogs and jacks

Fish are moving a bit deeper I think, hit some shallow patches and the were pretty deserted , places where a couple months ago there were tons of hogs there was just a couple micro-hogs

Tons of big boats fishing what I assume is the sailfish tournament out there

On Sunday it was just me and my girlfriend again we stayed pretty close to Key West, gas prices are a bitch. Vis was a little better on the main reef probably pushing 40 feet.

I swam for awhile with her underwater camera, and watched her practice shooting. She shot a ciro mackerel, a mangrove snapper and the highlight of the her day she bounced her shaft off a mid 20s pound amberjack. Sucks about the jack it would have been her first. I shot a hogs snapper, and practiced missing fish with the Rob Allen 130 Cranx, I think the gun will be good once I get used to it. I have tendency to shoot high with it compared to the aimrite venom. Still don’t under stand the wisdom of making Rob Allens without a butt. Personally I was prefer the aimrite handle so far.

I marked some decent spots on the drift today which I think will produce more if I actually stay on them explore them thoroughly. Not really pressed to shoot fish today, got plenty for the week yesterday.