The weather finally cleared up yesterday after 12 days straight of wind, so we loaded up the boat and headed out. The boat was really full this time besides myself and Catherine, we also had Albie, Pat, Gabby and Scuba Girl. We had heard the vis out west was terrible, and that there was dirty water out to 250 feet of water. Boy where those reports not helpful.

We headed out and hit the bar first hoping for some doable visibility, the ride out was crap but the as soon as we got near the reef line you could see blue. We hit the bar and it was 80 feet of visibility and awesome. The only thing was the current was screwing us up, again. Repeatedly we would see black grouper on the bottom in around 50 feet of water, and by the time you got down to their level you were almost too close, and as soon as they swam a few feet up current they where gone. The was getting a bit frustrating actually, but I did mark a couple more great yellowtail spots so it was worth it. We picked up some jacks and other little fish and then decided to check the reef to see if the vis was better.

South of Boca Grande there was 50 feet of vis on the reef, so we decided to drive west to some rocks south of the Marquesas Keys. We anchored up on one spot and chummed the area, almost immediately 3 reef sharks showed up, and two jewfish came out of the rocks to check us out. Brad shot a permit, Pat shot an amber jack, then Albie shot a mutton and then an Amberjack, and I shot an amberjack also.

Even though the spot didn’t hold any black grouper this time or multiple muttons, it was pretty action packed. The reef sharks where kind of disappointing, they didn’t do anything. We shot fish right in front of them and they didn’t even try to take the fish. In fact the jewfish punked the reef sharks for bits of food. Pretty much reef sharks are now almost on the same level as nurse sharks in my eyes. In fact nurse sharks can be way more of a pain when you have fish.

We drifted after that and picked up some little hogs. Everyone saw blacks and no one got one. It’s kind of sad really. We ran into unlimited triggerfish in about 60-70 feet of water, but I really had enough fish so I passed on them.