Had friends from NY and Jacksonville , Teddy Hudson and Jeff Thoma , here for the weekend, the weather was less then perfect. They wanted to go snorkeling, and wanted to try to press through the wind. So I said sure, and we went out around 10:00 am. The water was great, the blue water that was bit offshore had pushed onto the reef and there was about 40-50 feet of vis in front of Key West. It actually looked like it might even get better further offshore.

Unfortunately for my visitors the winds where blowing around 18 knots from the east, they lasted about 45 minutes before the chumming began. I was able to shoot and land a black grouper, mangrove snapper. I also shot a ciro mackerel but it ripped off. We headed in after about an hour, came in and rested up caught some pinfish and then a couple hours before dark went out and hit the harbor for tarpon and sharks. We jumped one tarpon but didn’t actually get it to the boat, due to my own negligence of rigging a circle hook a couple sizes too small for a tarpon that size. We also caught one lemon shark in the 6 foot range on the head of mangrove snapper I shot earlier in the day.

Pretty sweet living some where , where you can go out and swim in blue water in the morning and then come home and jump tarpon at night.

I am really starting to love that Rob Allen gun, its funny how simple re-rigging it made it so much better. I am gong to say that now is close to as accurate as the Aimrite. Although with the single band not sure if has the same range.