I uploaded a couple videos, nothing too exciting a pack of jacks hunting on the reef with a nurse shark and a bull shark attacking a flats boat I was fishing in.

Trying to do http streaming , which is essentially where you download the video and then play it off your hard drive. I hate youtube, I mean its great in some ways because of its mass distribution but they compress files and mess up the video quality. When you are dealing with grainy amateur’s underwater video, I don’t think you can afford any loss of quality.

Here is the thing though, you need to right click on the links and do the whole “save file as” thing. In firefox clicking the link will give you choice to open or save. Just opening is fine when the file is only 5mb but when the file is like 20+mb, your media player is going to spin for awhile before playing. Interent exploer will just try to run the file if you don’t tell it to save it.

Shark with jacks

Bull Shark attacking boat