Went out with Lou and did surprisingly well for the conditions, but it still sucks out there. We did shoot a couple black grouper, yj’s, cero mackerel and a big trigger fish. We went in Lou’s boat which is a 17 foot cobia, it actually handles waves much better then you would think. The wind speed averaged around 14-15 knots so it wasn’t flat but it wasn’t horrible. Vis topped out at around 25 feet. Felt great to swim and shoot some fish.  No camera with us so no photos.  Nothing real out of the ordinary happened, I killed a big lion fish and we had some porpoises get really close and frisky.

I actually tried to go out with Cat earlier in the week but the wind and big waves made me turn back and give up on it.  We did grab some lobsters really quickly, until I had my first reverse squeeze which made me quit diving and come home. When the weather is like this Key West sure seems like a boring place to live.