Went out spearfishing on Saturday with Brad and Brian, and pretty much got our ass handed to us by the wind. The vis wasn’t as good as it was Friday, probably 40 feet and chalky, and got worse throughout the day. Winds were 20-24 knots from the northeast

We shot a couple fish and pretty much came in. Only notable things that happened, I shot a large black and he broke the flopper on the new shark fin shaft I just got, and got away. Also saw a small bull shark, first one I have seen in awhile.

So we ran in, on the way home to stopped in the shallows and looked for lobsters. One area we hit was covered with lobsters, we limited out in real short period of time and called it day.

Sunday Catherine and I worked in the morning and then went out around noon, and went back to the lobster area. On the way out we passed the captured drug sub that Brian had pointed out the day before. Pretty wild, the sub looks like it rides just under the surface, packed with drugs. I remembered reading about it in the news, a few weeks ago they caught it off of Ecuador I think.

We went to the same area as the day before, caught a few lobsters and a big stone crab. The vis was great in the shallows, probably 20-30 feet in 10 feet of water. In one spot there was a bunch of legals but they were just too dug in, probably still scared from us trying to get them the day before.

One funny thing that happened, I was trying to get one lobster and in the commotion a parrot fish shot out of the rocks, right into my net.

Catherine got a great pic of a barracuda, and lots of pictures of purple corals and other sea life.