The weather has been amazing, the winds of Spring have died down at least till this weekend. Cal, Brad and I decided to take the day and run offshore in search of Mahi Mahi.  We took his boat and had decent luck about 20 miles out in 800 feet of water. We didn’t find any big dolphin but we found a bunch of schoolies. I had never speared a dolphin so it was all a treat for me.

It was pretty amazing seeing 50+ small dolphin swim right up to you. I had my big speargun which actually kind of sucked for this type of spearing. Its seems like the dolphin are either right in your face or taking off. The length of my gun was a big detriment, as was the double wraps of mono. Next time I am going to bring Catherine’s 80cm gun. Of course this will probably be when a big wahoo swims by.

Afterward we came and looked for some fish on the reef we didn’t find much but it was a treat drifting in such calm water.